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“We Request Your Invaluable Support”

“We Request Your Invaluable Support”

historical landmark

Korean United Methodist Church of Oakland
“Once it is lost, our traces of history can never be recovered.”

It has been 119 years since our ancestors crossed the Pacific to arrive at San Francisco immigration station. While Korean immigration history may have begun with sugar plantation laborers in Hawaii, San Francisco served as first generation immigrants’ entryway to the continental U.S. Furthermore, the region has historical significance to Korean Independence Movement with notable independence activists, such Ahn Chang Ho and the GongRip HyeopHoe (Mutual Assistance Society), Jang In-Hwan, Jeon Myoung-Un, leading overseas operations. Despite their distinguished contributions to our modern history, no monumental commemoration of their lives and struggles remains anywhere. 

San Francisco Korean American History Museum invites you to join the effort in bringing recognition to Korean American immigration history by contributing to our first historical landmark at Korean United Methodist Church of Oakland, a national church dedicated to Korean Independence Movement since its founding in 1914. ;

Korean United Methodist Church of Oakland

(737 E 17th St., Oakland, CA 94606) (

In these challenging times of COVID-19, we believe the monument will serve to remember and commemorate the spirit of unity and perseverance of our immigrant ancestors during the 1920s, who saved up little by little to support the Shanghai Provisional government. Let us combine our commitment once again to revive and celebrate our history together. Please follow the steps below to be part of our first monumental achievement.  

Sponsorship window: Until 2021.3.31

How to donate



  1. Pay to: ‘SFKAHM’ Mail to: Jihae Yoon (6121 Charlotte Drive, San Jose, CA 95123)

  2. SFKAHM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax deductible.  
    Federal Tax ID #47-1287078





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