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San Francisco Korean American History Museum

purpose of establishment

The 'San Francisco Korean History Museum' collects data on the history of the independence movement and immigration scattered throughout North America, centering on the SF-Bay Area, as well as systematically organizing and storing the cultural life of the Korean community. It aims to inform American society of Korean culture and the footsteps of immigration history. Furthermore, this museum also serves as a cultural medium that connects the past and the future by recording aspects of the ongoing life and culture of Bay Area Koreans. San Francisco was the source of the first exchange with Korea, and there are not many people who know about it or where it left historical traces in many places. We ask that you join us in the purpose of the museum, which is to hand down valuable historical materials so that our descendants can live proudly with their identity in the United States. thank you


It was in 2014 that I began the work of finding, documenting, and preserving the traces of Koreans left in San Francisco and the Bay Area. “If you remember it alone, it is an old story, but if you remember it together, it is history.” The Korean American History Museum in San Francisco has been working with this intention.

<San Francisco Korean History Museum> is currently working together with 13 directors, 4 advisory directors, 3 advisors and many volunteers. Directors and advisory directors are composed of experts and ordinary people from various fields, and all are volunteers.

Currently, UC Berkeley Korean Studies-related professors are sponsoring the academic community.  

Eunkyung Jeong (Chairman), Claire Yu, Hyungseop Yoo, Junghyeon Lee, Inkyung Jeong, John Heo, Jonghyuk Lee, Jihae Yoon, Hyejeong Hong, Esra Jeong, Cho Jongae, Nanjoo Kim, Hwayoung Jeon, Mina Park

Jung Yo-han, Yoo Young-gyeong, Han Seon-wook, Im Mi-ran, Lee Soo-mi,

Kim Dong-yeol, Kim Pan-gyeom, Kim Kyung-nyeon, Lim Mi-young, Cha Man-jae, Hong Seon-pyo, Seo Hae-seong





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