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SF Korean History Museum /SFKAHM Building Fund Donation



  1. Pay to: ‘SFKAHM’
    Mail to: Jihae Yoon  Director (6121 Charlotte Drive, San Jose, CA 95123)
    SFKAHM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax deductible.  
    Federal Tax ID #47-1287078

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San Francisco Korean History Museum

“Every year, December is fundraising month for the SF Korean History Museum.”


The <San Francisco Korean History Museum> collects, systematically organizes, and stores immigration data (including the history of the independence movement) scattered in the Americas, centering on the SF/Bay Area, to provide information about Korea to Koreans as well as the general American society. It aims to inform the footsteps of culture and immigration history.

“If you remember it alone, it is an old story, but if you remember it together, it is history.” <SF Korean History Museum> has been working with this meaning, and the current director and director, advisory director, advisor, and external volunteers are working together. The board of directors and advisors are made up of professionals and ordinary people from all walks of life, all of whom are volunteers.

The museum, which started in February 2014, is currently sponsored by UC Berkeley Korean Studies professors in the academic world.

Directors: Eunkyung Jeong (Chairman), Claire Yoo, Yuhyeongseop Yoo, Junghyeon Lee, Inkyung Jeong, Heo John, Jonghyuk Lee, Jihae Yoon, Hyejeong Hong, Esra Jung, Jongae Jo, Nanju Kim, Jeon Hwayoung Jeon, Dongyeol Kim, Pangyeom Kim, Kyungnyeon Kim, Miyoung Lim

Advisors: Cha Man-jae, Hong Seon-pyo, Seo Hae-seong

San Francisco was the source of the first exchange with Korea, and there are not many people who know about it and left historical traces in many places. We ask that you join us in the purpose of the museum, which is to hand down valuable historical materials so that our descendants can live proudly with their identity in the United States.

*** What I did in 2022 ***

  1. Korean National Association data collection

  2. Education Program: Visiting Immigration Academy

  3. Immigration data arrangement

  1. Korean National Association data summary (click)

  2. Education Program: Visiting Immigration Academy       I am teaching future generations the history of immigration to the Americas in SF and the Bay Area.
    Through the lives of our ancestors, we hope that our descendants will live proudly with an identity in the United States.

  3. Immigration data arrangement

*** Work done so far (2014 ~ 2021) ***


[Lecture on immigration history and culture]

“The History of Korean Immigration to America, How to Look at and Prepare” (2014.6.3) (Dr. Seon-pyo Hong)

 “The achievements of immigrant ancestors and succession and development of descendants” (July 10, 2014) (CEO Kim Young-ran)

“A museum that shows the diverse history and culture of Koreans” (2015.6.20) (Professor Laura C. Nelson)

  “Necessity and Importance of Ethnography Museum” (2015.6.20) (Professor Lee Jung-hee)

 “Direction of the San Francisco Korean History Museum” (2015.8.8) (Director Claire Yu)

 “Memory and History” (2016.5.21) (Professor Youngmin Kwon)

 “A great rich man with a great will – Mr. Kim Jong-rim” (2016.11.12) (CEO Lee Yeon-taek)

 “The great leader – Pastor Lee Dae-wi” (2017.11.11) (Director Lee Jong-hyuk)

 “Korean Modern History and Northern California” (2018.4.7) (Consul Lee Seong-do)

 “In light of the theory of independence by force, Jang In-hwan and Jeon Myeong-wun’s uprising” (2019.2.16) (Dr. Cha Man-jae)


[Video interview] - 29 minutes (website)

Kim Myeong-soo, Kim Ok-ryun, Lee Ha-jeon, Lee Hyun-deok, Kim Yong-cheol, Jang Nam-ki, Lee Jong-hyuk, Park Hee-deok, Jeong Yun, Kim Dong-yeol, Kim Myung-ho, Choi Jeong, Choi Hyo-won, Yu Jae-jeong, Hwang Gyu-bin, Min Kyung-ho, Kang Geum-seong, Elaine Kim, Yang Cheon-jong, Choi Moon-ho, Park Byung-ho, Cha Won-tae, Han Myeong-hae , Hoi-In Lee, Tae-Shim Yoon, Doris Pummill, Man-Jae Cha, Jong-Young Son



Art & Sculpture Exhibition (2015.6.20)

Minsa Photo Exhibition 1st (2017.11.11) / Minsa Photo Exhibition 2nd (2018.9.29)

Textile Design Exhibition (2019.4.6 – 5.25) – “Old Future”



<Immigration Historic Site Brochure - “Traces of Early Koreans and America’s Encounters”> (2016.5.21)

<Map of historical sites of immigration - “Finding another Korean root”> Korean version (2018.9.29)

<Map of historical sites of immigration - “Finding another Korean root”> English version (2019.11.9)

<Immigration site> Filming – Youtube (2019.11.9)


[Education program for the next generation]

UCC Contest ‘Finding Disappearing Things’ (2020.8.15)

Visiting Immigration Academy

  1. New Vision Korean School (2021.8.27 ~ 12.3)

  2. New Life Korean School (2022.1.22 ~ 4.9)

  3. Instructor Training (2022.5.16 ~ 5.20)

  4. Catholic San Jose Korean School (2022.8.27 ~ 11.12)

  5. Pacific Korean School (2022.9.18 ~ 11.27)


[Fundraising campaigns for museum projects and buildings]

1st (2019.12) / 2nd (2020.12) – online (untact) / 3rd (2021.12) – online (untact)





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