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The SF Korean American History Museum is the result of grassroots efforts to establish an archive that will eventually collect and house all available items that relate to Korean immigrants’ experience in and around San Francisco and the Bay Area.

As history tells us, San Francisco was the port city where the first Korean diplomatic delegates to the US arrived, stayed, and established themselves, leaving their footprints. Not too many people are aware of this piece of history, and the memories of its significance are fading with the immigrant population becoming more and more rooted in this country.  We the Committee on the SF Korean American History Museum would like to ask you to join us in our endeavor to pass down our Korean heritage to the generations to come through this Korean heritage museum of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Board of Directors and Advisory Members:

Eun Kyung Jung (Chair), Clare You, Hyung Ryu, Jung Hyun Marie Lee, In Kyong Chong, John Huh, Jong H Lee, Jihae Yoon, Deborah Hong, Esra Jung, Joan Cho, Hwanoung Jeon, Nan Joo Kim

Suk Choon Chong, Rachel Yoo, Miran Lee, Agnes Lee, SunWook Han

Dong Kim, Pankyum Kim, Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards, Myoung Lim, Marn J. Cha, Sun-pyo Hong, Hae Sung Suh

The SFKAHM is composed of twenty-five members from all walks of the Bay Area Korean American community – professional and non-professional – who are interested in and supportive of the museum’s objective





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